Michael Rezek – Restorer for antique cars

Michael Rezek – Restorer for antique cars


Micha is an architect who has a preference for antique cars and great building projects. He lives in Berlin, was involved in the expansion of two restaurants – ›Kater Holzig‹ and ›Naked Lunch‹ – and uses every minute to work on his »old treasures«. That´s how he tends to call his vintage cars.


Due to his beliefs not for financial reasons the architect lives in a historical construction trailer – a »Büssing« in one of the last trailer parks of the capital.


With a great amount of love and patience the architect restores antique cars. He is especially attracted by those projects that are regarded as real challenges. In months of hard work he prepares the cars and literally lets them shine in new splendor.

Good to know

You can book him. Anytime – for the ›rescue‹ of an antique car or the realization of an extraordinary building project.

His point of view

Antique cars are wonderfully beautiful. The older, the better. And incidentally he notes: ›Nothing is impossible‹. This attitude also fully applies when it comes to his building projects – with Micha one can marvelously realize crazy construction projects.

Thanks to:  Hakan Can & Apartment Blue Factory (Direction & Production) / Agi Habryka & K-MB Agentur für Markenkommunikation GmbH (PR) / Sven Jacob Engelmann (Photography) / Hakan Can (Subtitles)