Mischa Gohlke – Initiator »Borders are relative«

Mischa Gohlke – Initiator »Borders are relative«

Video Mischa Gohlke Band

Mischa Gohlke, who has been almost deaf since he was born, makes the seemingly impossible possible as a successful musician.

As a reliable ambassador he initiates the in all of Germany unique initiative »Grenzen sind relativ« (›boundaries are relative‹) which, among other things, has originated the pilot experiment »Musikunterricht für Hörgeschädigte« (›music lessons for the hearing impaired‹) and above all campaigns for an inclusive society.

The »Mischa Gohlke Band« – including musicians out of 3 cultural environments who have already toured with celebrities like Madonna, Shakira and Paul McCartney – makes a significant contribution as an example from real life.

Beyond that Mischa Gohlke is a guitar teacher and owner of a small agency named »migo connections«. In the year 2010 alone Mischa has organized and completed more than 100 events with up to 800 visitors in Hamburg and Kiel.

Since October 2011 Mischa works as a project coordinator, lecturer as well as inclusion ambassador for the LUKULULE e.V. association.

Inclusion, where all the facets of being are combined, is a matter of the heart for Mischa and his calling in life: »We are all humans with our individual limitations, perspectives, perceptions, potentials and talents. Combined with an open, direct and flexible contact internal and external we can refine ourselves individually as well as collectively and can gain a lasting quality of life.«

Thanks to:  Hakan Can & Apartment Blue Factory (Direction & Production) / Johannes Holweg (Photography) / Agi Habryka & K-MB Agentur für Markenkommunikation GmbH (PR) / Hakan Can (Subtitles)