OK KID – German Hip Hop Band

OK KID – German Hip Hop Band

At the beginning of the year 2013 there is one name that constantly appears in the German Hip Hop scene: OK KID. Next you start watching the video for their first single »Verschwende mich« – the band hunts down hipster kids in the forest - and think to yourself: Wait a minute, I know those guys! After all, the band was active under the name of Jona:S only two years ago.

The band history begins in the placid town of Gießen some time after the turn of the millennium where it definitely wasn’t easy for the three guys to make it as musicians. Jonas and Raffi could be found in the Hip Hop genre. In the Hip Hop scene of Gießen they were both quite active, organized jams as well as graffiti battles. Moritz Rech was playing the keyboard in various bands at the time.

2006 the band Jona:S is formed with three additional musicially creative minds. In the course of this Jonas is often in the center as the lead singer and rapper. Their music, a mixture of Hip Hop, Funk and Pop Beats was well received by the crowds. As a result the guys completed more than 200 gigs building a huge fan base in Hesse. In the year 2009 the first EP »Elektrisch« is published which only boosts the local success even more. In addition, the band receives a Radio Award for their new music. Two years later the EP »Grau« follows.

But Jona:S are not entirely happy: due to their different places of residence the rehearsals are constantly made difficult. »We want to experience this band thing without compromises. This does not only mean making music together but also living together, partying together and spending as much time together as possible«, says Jonas.

They decide to split up and form something new in a threesome. Raffi, Moritz and Jonas are again facing the question of a new band name. »At some point out of a jolly mood we decided to write down our ten favorite albums and each one of us had included "http://www.laut.de/Radiohead/Alben/Kid-A-850" Kid A and "http://www.laut.de/Radiohead/Alben/OK-Computer-Collectors-Edition-38729" OK Computer. One mixes those two album titles of Radiohead and the new band name was born.

It must be Jonas‘ skills as MC and song writer, Raffi’s talent as a drummer and guitarist as well as Moritz’ keyboard and synthetic influences which make OK KID a multifaceted band. Their texts still deal with everyday experiences every young person has to face. OK KID refers to the wicked moments of happiness as well as the down sides that come with growing up. Their lyrics allow a broad audience to identify with them.
»OK KID is the result of a time which we experienced together. That is exactly the reason why OK KID feels like a debut«, says the band.

Thanks to:  directed by Kamil Hertwig (www.kamileonfilm.de)