Sebo Walker – Skateboarder

Sebo Walker – Skateboarder

Skateboarder, born April 28, 1988


If the extremes of the 90’s taught us anything it is that style counts. Young Mr. Walker’s almost sleepy technique has the ability to make even the most awkward trick look effortless and smooth. Able to skate everything and anything with a totally unique approach and relationship with his board, there seem to be few limits to what he can do. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, a place notorious for its nonconformist population, it is a small wonder that Sebo is the way he is- going a different route than the rest, on board and in how he’s sought sponsorship.

How many other top AM’s do you see living in their car next to the local skate plaza?

His »van down by the river« style may suggest sloppiness or a lax attitude but the opposite is true. Adhering to an impressive schedule of skating and visits to the gym without the usual late night frivolities of LA party life is his way not his position. The simplicity in which he lives his life belies the technical ability that comes so easy to him. Being on board seems to be his most comfortable plane of existence.

Thanks to:  Agi Habryka & K-MB Agentur für Markenkommunikation GmbH (PR) / Peter J. Brant & Francesca Mirabella (Subtitles)